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Who hasn’t felt the joy of discovering a corner, a hidden source or a meadow where cattle graze peacefully? If you haven’t, now It is time. Only in a few regions you will find so many places to enjoy these sensations. From the highest mountain to the deepest valley, says a song ...
In Berguedà you’ll not get tired of repeating it, feeling the pleasure of walking.

The places we present you here are part of the Plan of natural interest areas (PEIN) of Catalonia, for its uniqueness.

  • Riera de Merlés

    This is one of the few examples of natural systems in the Llobregat Basin that are in good environmental condition.

  • Riera de Navel

    This space represents a good example of natural terrestrial and fresh water systems. The interest of the area lies in the fact that it is a significant sample of a forest area, on the left bank of the...

  • Serra de Queralt

    Covering a surface area of 635 hectares, this is the protected nature park that is closest to Berga, the capital of the Berguedà region.

  • Serra del Catllaràs

    His limestone massif is unique in that it contains a vast array of geological and biological diversity within a relatively small area.

  • Serra del Picancel

    This area is on the border of Baix (low) and Alt (high) Berguedà. This mountain range is made up of a highly fractured relief structure, with narrow, deep valleys that have made it possible to preserve...

  • Serra d'Ensija-Rasos de Peguera

    His area constitutes one of Catalonia's southern boundaries of Alpine and sub-Alpine vegetation. Particularly noteworthy in the higher zones are the Alpine meadows with a great many Pyrenean species and...


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