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  • Anisoteca

    Anisette house

    Castell de l'Areny

    As a result of a patient collection, in Castell de l'Areny you can see a private collection consisting of more than 1000 bottles of anise sealed and from around the world.

  • Centre d’interpretació de l’església de la Colònia Pons

    Cal Pons Interpretation Centre


    The Interpretation Centre of the Church of Colonia Pons, through three museum spaces, reveals the role played by the Church in the consolidation of the system of industrial colony in Catalonia, from the...

  • Camadoca, centre de cria de fauna salvatge i educació ambiental

    Camadoca - Centre de recuperació de fauna salvatge

    Santa Maria de Merlès

     Do you know Camadoca?
    A guided tour through this place will let you see unique wildlife from our rivers and forests. They will explain you whcih are the main problems they face and how to avoid th...

  • Casa de la Patum

    Casa de la Patum


        On 25 November 2005 an international jury meeting in Paris agreed that UNESCO declared the Patum Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. La Casa de la Patum, inaugurated and...

  • Casa Teixidor-Bassacs

    Casa Teixidor-Bassacs


    Manor of the couple formed by Joan Teixidor and Raimunda Bassacs, in the municipality of Gironella. Here they began to spin and weave a long family history that gave rise to Cal Bassacs and is part of...

  • Rlm140608 172bx?

    Cement Museum

    This area of the Pyrenees, guarded by mountain people, maintains a surprisingly strong connection with Barcelona. It was here that the first portland cement factory in Catalonia was established at the...

  • Centre medieval i dels càtars

    Centre medieval i dels Càtars


    Follow the steps of good men or Cathars. To this the Centre for Medieval and Cathar from Baga invite us. From the old palace of Pinós  they offer us a historical route through the life of some of the...

  • Centre Picasso

    Centre Picasso


    Fully renovated, the Picasso center offers to visitors a Collection of replicas of works that Pablo Picasso painted during his stay in Gósol in the summer of 1906, among which the facsimile of "Carnet...

  • Col·lecció del circ Josep Vinyes

    Col·lecció del circ Josep Vinyes


      Collection of the circus world given by Josep Vinyes to the town hall of Berga. It consists of photographs, posters, hand programs, objects of the circus world, bibliography ... Equipped with...

  • El jaciment de Fumanya al National Geographic

    Dinosauris Fumanya


    Dinosaur Interpretation Center in Fumanya
    The open-carbon coal mines of Fumanya, within the municipality of Fígols, are a place of unquestionable geological and paleontological interest. Mining in this...

  • Fuives, centre del ruc català



    An animal has become a totem of the Catalan nation: the Catalan donkey. Interestingly, the Berguedà has the largest reserve of Catalan donkeys in the world. Thanks to the tireless work of the Gassó...

  • Guided visits at the Medieval village of Bagà


    The important medieval line of the Pinós was the artisan of Bagà. In the 12th century, the Baron de Pinós projected the plant of a town that is now a curious example of medieval urbanism. The square,...

  • Jardins Artigas

    Jardins Artigas d'Antoni Gaudí

    La Pobla de Lillet

    In Alt Berguedà, inside of a quintessentially pyrenaic valley, one can stroll around in the company of Gaudí’s genius and the Llobregat’s waters. Taking advantage of one of the architect’s visits...

  • Torre de l'Amo

    Master's Tower in Viladomiu Nou


    Enter the Tower of the Master of Viladomiu Nou accompanied by Remei, the maid, and the lady of the house. They will show us the different rooms of the noble floor and they will explain different visions...

  • Mina de petroli de Riutort

    Mina de Petroli de Riutort

    Inside Riutort’s mine, in Guardiola de Berguedà, workers were able to extract oil from the stone. In times of famine and hardship, veins of bituminous marl were exploited, which when placed at temperatures...

  • Museu de la colònia Vidal

    Museu de la colònia Vidal


    A visit to the Vidal Colony Museum allows us to grasp how they worked and lived in an industrial colony in the early twentieth century. Through a guided tour thru the old space we can make a fascinating...

  • Museu de les mines de Cercs


    Located on the mining colony of Sant Corneli, shows how people lived and worked in a coal mine and by a mining railway will visit 450 m of San Roman gallery. The video introduces us to  the visit and...

  • Museu del Pastor

    Museu del Pastor

    Castellar de n'Hug

    One of the most beloved trades and more traditional in mountain areas, the shepherd has for some time, a landmark in Castellar de n'Hug. The Sheperd's museum show us an overview of past, present and future...

  • Nature Museum

    Knowing the nature that surrounds us without having to step on it or, at least, to make an interpretative approach is possible thanks to this space. If you do not have time to go around or are afraid of...

  • Sala de les Pintures del Palau dels Pinós

    Palau Pinós Paints room


      The Palau dels Pinós building is located in the upper part of Vila de Bagà. Inside, you can find the Medieval  and Catars Center and also rooms decorated with murals of the 17th, 18th and 19th...



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