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Textil colonies of Llobregat

colonia apaisat

Halfway between the mountains and the most populated areas of the country we found, in an area crossed by the river Llobregat, a welcoming land; full of fields, forests, churches, monasteries, castles, farmhouses and villages.

 The main feature of this land of Berguedà, and what differentiates them from the rest of Catalonia and provides his identity is the group of textile factories, which began to be built during the second half of the nineteenth century.

A unique concentration of industrial colonies, with common elements between them, where they lived and worked thousands of people and that currently make up a heritage set of great value who reminds us one of the essential chapters of the industrialization of Catalonia.

 Inside all this colonies we found two different spaces. The first was the industrial area, where there was the factory and the elements (the lock channel and the turbine) then turns the river water into energy that was moving machinery.

 Next to the factory, or a little further, working families lived in the colony. Here, in addition to homes for workers, owners were built also all kinds of services and equipment for use by employees: bakery, butcher, fish shop, laundry, school, home for women workers, church, coffee, theater, sports facilities, etc. Presiding over the whole of the colony stood, often in a raised point,  the owner tower.



  • Cal Bassacs


    Cal Bassacs colony in the municipality of Gironella  is located between the town and the Viladomiu Vell Colony.

  • Cal Casas


    Cal Casas factory is located close to the town of Puig-Reig.

  • Cal Marçal


    The colony of Cal Marcal is part of the municipality of Puig-Reig and lies, along the river Llobregat, between the colonies Cal Vidal and Cal Pons.

  • Cal Metre

    The colony of Cal Metre is located close to the town of Gironella.  
     The builder was Joan Alsina Rosal, called as "the Metre", because he came from a family with a long tradition in the field of spinning....

  • Cal Pons


    Cal Pons is one of the seven colonies and textile mills were built in the town of Puig-Reig in the second half of the nineteenth century. Cal Pons  is located south of Puig-Reig, near the city center.

  • Cal Prat


    The Cal Prat Colony, is part of the municipality of Puig-Reig, and is located 1 km from the village.

  • Cal Riera


    The colony of Cal Riera, also known as colony Manent, is part of the municipality of Puig-Reig and is located, near the river Llobregat, between Cal Vidal and L’Ametlla de  Merola.

  • Cal Rosal


    The space occupied by the Colonia Rosal is divided between the towns of Berga, Avià and Olvan. The colony is located between Gironella and Berga, 4 km south of the capital.

  • Cal Vidal


    The colony of Cal Vidal (Puig-Reig) is located, following the river Llobregat and among the colonies of Cal Riera and Cal Marcal. In this colony we find the Museum of the Colonia Vidal.

  • El Guixaró


    El Guixaró is included in the municipality of Casserres, in spite of being closer to the core of Puig-Reig or Gironella. Following the river Llobregat Guixaró is located between the colonies of Viladomiu...

  • L'Ametlla de Merola


    It is the colony located further south of the Berguedà region. It belongs to the municipality of Puig-reig, although it is closer to the nucleus of Navàs (Bages).

  • Viladomiu Nou


    Viladomiu Nou is a colony located in the municipality of Gironella. The colonies nearby are Viladomiu Vell and El Guixaró.


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