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  • Gossos atura

    Concurs de Gossos d'atura - Castellar de n'Hug

    Castellar de n'Hug

    The International Sheepdog Contest was born in 1962 in the meetings were a group of shepherds from the region competed to prove who had the best sheepdog.  Since then, the competition is celebrated annually...

  • Segar i batre avia

    Festa del Segar i del Batre - Avià

    Close to Santa Maria Church, every year, a journey takes place in time ... The carts, the mules, the sheaves and the threshing replace the present tractors and tools. Farming continues to be one of the...

  • Medieval baga

    Festes de la Baronia de Pinós

    Baga has a unique heritage from the thirteenth century.  Beautifully preserved, the streets of its medieval Old Town, the Pinos square and his porches become the stage where they celebrated the Festival...

  • Femap

    Festival de música antiga dels Pirineus (Femap)

    Avià, Bagà, Berga and Guardiola del Berguedà are municipalities on which we can listen concerts  of the  Pyrenees  Early Music Festival.

  • Festival d'Estiu de La Baells

    La Baells summer festival offers activities throughout the summer, from late June until mid-September

  • Fia faia

    Fia Faia

    This event held on the evening of 24 December in the villages of Bagà and Sant Julià de Cerdanyola consists of burning torches called “faies”. The festival originated in pre-Christian times as a...

  • La Patum

    Symbol of the Berguedan identity, the Patum is a festival that has its origins in the ensemble of interludes that accompany the Corpus Christi procession in the XIVth century which included elements already...

  • Acordionistes macaners

    Trobada d'acordionistes de Maçaners


    With the Pedraforca skyline, Catalan, Basque, Galician, Occitan and Portuguese people reaches Maçaners with their accordion under the arm, to relive a night as before, those nights during the first half...


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